Coach’s Kids Play

Interested in coaching your kid’s team in a TSM League this year? Please fill out the form below and we’ll add you to the list of prospective coaches.

Coaches receive a refund for one child registration for each team coached during the season! Our league is dependent on parent coaches. We realize it is quite a commitment to coach a team. With that in mind, this year head coaches we will be refunded for one (1) child’s sign-up fee at the end of the season. We will refund one (1) childs sign-up fee per team that a parent coaches.

To qualify for the Coach’s Kids’ Play Free promotion, you must meet the following criteria.

- Be over 18 years of age.

- Be able to drive to practices and games.

- Be able to pass a background check (paid for by TSM).

- Provide proof that you have attended, and completed, a coaches training program. (TSM offers a free coaches training program to all coaches in our leagues.)

- Coach in Warrenton and/or Moscow Mills/Troy. (Not currently available Hermann)

All prospective coaches will be invited to our coaches meeting before the start of the season. Attendance to the coach’s meeting is mandatory. At the coach’s meeting you will be given the background-check application and an information packet about the league and it’s rules.

This promotion only applies to individual registrations. Whole-team registrations are not eligible for this promotion.